3 summer beauty recipes

With the temperatures soaring and the sun rays blazing, our skin becomes super-vulnerable to damage, which means it needs an extra dose of skin-boosting nutrients—from the inside and the outside. Luckily, the farmers' market has our skin care needs covered. Come July, we're surrounded by some of my favorite fruits and vegetables—think crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, sweet berries, and fragrant herbs—and I feel so inspired to play in the kitchen. In an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I share three delicious summer recipes that will nourish your skin and give you that summer glow. I chat with Dr. Sarah Dolder, a dermatologist who grew up in Australia for her expert tips for healthy summer skin. 

Check out the article and delicious recipes here.

Strawberry & Hemp Seed Tabbouleh


Cucumber Avocado Gazpacho with Tomato Relish


Strawberry, Honey & Mint Mask