mother's day gift guide

Moms are the best at taking care of other people. But themselves? Not so much. If they’re like my Mom, they put everyone else first—ALWAYS. That’s why I love treating Mom to a gift in which she has no choice but to relax and be pampered. Usually, my siblings and I treat her to a massage or facial, but this year, I decided that a box full of self-care goodies would enable her to treat herself in little ways, several times over.

I’m going to be honest: I’m really pleased with the assortment I picked out at Anthropologie. I wanted a mix of face and body care items that would make her feel like the super-special Mom that she is. I also wanted products that delivered results to those areas that become a bit more troublesome as we age.

First up, a Fressko Infuser and Flask. Hydration is key to keeping skin plump and glowy, especially as we get older, and this sleek water bottle makes drinking water actually feel glamourous. Brew tea in the strainer or steep a few berries, orange slices, or mint to make your very own spa water.

Speaking of tea, I have a major crush on these Lov Organic Lovely Night Tea. Not only do I appreciate their eco-friendly packaging, I adore the taste. Organic chamomile, licorice, chamomile, verbena, and pear create a perfect bedtime soother for restful beauty sleep.

I’m encouraging Mom to find a little bliss at home with this Karuna Hydrating Face Mask. As we age, our skin tends to lose moisture more easily, setting us up for fine lines and wrinkles. Sodium lactate mildly exfoliates while also drawing in hydration. Aloe leaf juice and sodium hyaluronate help replenish moisture while matricaria flower (chamomille) extract soothes and reduces redness. Also, there’s no mess for Mom to clean up with this one-use mask. Apply, experience, and remove.

I know I told you I have a crush on the Lov Tea, but I think I have an even bigger crush on these. As much as I love my Mom, she passed on extra sensitive and extra-dark undereye circles to me. I know she’ll appreciate a little TLC to her undereyes, and these USA-made Honest Hazel Eye Gels are miracle-workers. Perfectly shaped for beneath the eye, they contain a plant-derived brightener called arbutin, collagen to nourish the skin’s dermal layer, and vitamins C and E to lighten and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Win-win-win x 3, because 3 sets come in a pack.

I mentioned that skin is prone to dryness as we age, and the skin on the body is no exception. It flakes more easily, and there never seems to be enough lotion or oil in the world to bring back that taut and dewy skin we had (and took for granted) in our 20s. There are things we can do to inch it along in that direction though. As you know, I’m smitten with dry brushing, but I believe in a little extra exfoliation sometimes, especially when it smells so amazingly good.

Formulary 55’s Sea Mineral Body Polish gently exfoliates while creating this intoxicating citrus and herbal aroma in the shower. Made in Colorado, it harnesses the power of minerals to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish. For a double treat, tell Mom to mix it with jojoba oil.

I recently discovered this gem of a brand made by women in the Hudson River Valley, and I’m hooked. The Captain Blankenship Sunshine Body Cream really is sunshine in a jar and is perfect for soothing any pesky dry areas on the body. I love smearing it on my hands at night before bed, and I know my Mom will be doing the same. Organic coconut oil and cocoa butter keep it butter-soft while jojoba oil mimics skin’s natural sebum composition for effective hydration.

I packaged it all in a cute box with a note about why she’ll love each treat and how to use them. The final step? Trying to express in a card how truly amazing of a woman she is.  

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!