spring skin reset

Facials. I love giving them, and I love receiving them. But the truth is that we rarely have the time or money to treat ourselves to one as often as we would like. The second best option? An at-home treatment that’s relaxing but also efficient. I don’t say efficient to mean you’re racing to check off the boxes and call it done. You won’t see the same results rushing step to step. Think of it as a ceremony where each step is completed with intention for maximum benefits.

As we’re a few weeks into spring, I thought I would share my go-to facial routine when I’m looking for a skin reset. What better time to shed that sluggish winter layer for a fresh start?

Below, I list step-by-step what you’ll need and do. I link to my current favorites for each step, but use the products that you enjoy and that work for your skin type. The products matter less than the time you're taking for yourself and the mindfulness of each step. 

So set aside 30 minutes of you-time, put on some relaxing tunes, light a candle, and get your facial game on.

What you'll need

Head wrap, hair tie, shower cap, towel
2 hand towels, one for drying and one for washing
Makeup remover (or coconut oil), if wearing makeup
Mild cleanser
Cotton pads or makeup sponges for toner application
Scrub or face polish with exfoliating properties  
Face oil
Mask brush or clean foundation brush, optional
Face mask, type depends on your skincare needs
Serum, optional
Eye balm or cream
Sunscreen, if going outside later



Slip on a robe or a comfy set of PJs. Light a candle and turn on your tunes. Tie your hair back.

Cleanse. Remove makeup, if wearing, using makeup remover or coconut oil. Splash the skin with warm water, add cleanser to your hands, lather, and begin to cleanse the face. Begin at the chin with small circles, working your way up and out, for about 1 minute.

Rinse and tone. Rinse face with water, towel dry, and tone. Soak wet cotton pds with toner, and wipe across face, beginning at the chin and working up and out.

Exfoliate. Dampen skin. Use a mild exfoliating powder or scrub and massage gently onto skin in a circular fashion, again working up and out for about 1 minute. Allow the micro-exfoliants to do the work as you glide your fingers along the skin. Be especially gentle around the eye area.

Steam (optional). Remove your robe and get in the shower, making sure not to get your hair or face wet. Allow the warm steam to open the pores and enhance circulation to the skin for 5-7 minutes. Wash the rest of your body, do a body scrub, or just relax. I love placing a few drops of essential oil like calming lavender or energizing citrus along the perimeter of the shower to really up the spa factor. 

Rinse and tone. Wash exfoliant off and tone skin using dampened cotton pads.

Massage. Apply a little oil to your fingers and lightly sweep your fingers across your face at the chin, cheeks, and forehead. With well-lubricated fingers, begin to make slow and small circles starting at the chin and out, the corners of the mouth and out, and the corners of the nose and out. Use your ring fingers to make circles around the eyes, and then the pads of your fingers to massage the forehead. Do any other movements that feel good for a total of 2 minutes to boost circulation and relax the facial muscles. If your fingers feel dry or you’re tugging too much at the skin, add more oil.

Apply mask. Using a brush or your fingers, apply your mask to your face, beginning at the chin. It does not need to go on thick in order to be effective. You can also use a sheet mask here. Find a place to lie down, close your eyes, and allow the mask to work for about 10 minutes or the time according to your specific mask's instructions.

Rinse and tone. Using a dampened washcloth or damp hands, gently wash the mask off and tone your skin using dampened cotton pads to re-balance the skin's pH.

Moisturize. Lightly apply serum, if using, to skin by pressing into chin, cheeks, and forehead. Apply eye cream in three dots around each eye and use a circle motion with your ring finger to rub around the eye. Apply moisturizer the same way you did the serum, by pressing into skin. If venturing outside, apply a sunscreen in a similar way.

Smile. Take a look in the mirror and admire your new glow.


Photos by: Katie Hennessey  |  @iamkatiehennessey
Model: Janet Hertz
Thanks to the Lokal Hotel | @lokalhotel for letting us borrow their beautiful new space in Philly!