march snapshot

Before I plunge into a new month, I like to reflect on the four weeks prior, especially those people, events, and things that inspired me in the world of beauty & wellness. Here's a look at just some of what went down in March.

I attended the American Academy of Dermatology conference in Orlando, FL. I got some cool swag (read: lots of new products from big-name and boutique brands) and tried on some fancy light therapy masks. The hottest topic was Neutrogena’s Hydroboost line featuring hyaluronic acid. I also may or may not have bought myself two sunhats....Next year I hope to attend the lectures and hear all of the awesome research going on.

I taught a (sold-out!) Dairy-Free Dairy cooking class with the ladies of WholePHL. We made homemade almond milk, cashew cheese, dairy-free yogurt, vegan queso, and banana “nice” cream. We chatted about the effects of dairy on the skin, specifically how hormones in a lot of dairy can impact acne-prone skin. Then the next day I ate some really delicious nachos and local ice cream. #balance.

I waxed eyebrows for the first time. AND the girl still talks to me, meaning I didn’t screw up.

Rosehip oil is now part of my nightly routine thanks to a Whole Foods beauty sale. I’m liking the effects and will post a review soon!

Wendy Rowe’s book, Eat Beautiful, has been inspiring me in the kitchen. I made her Mushroom Flatbreads when I had some friends over. Yum. Served it atop whole wheat toast when my buckwheat breads flopped.

Yoga made a comeback in my life in a small, but much appreciated way. I took a few mornings out of the month to be more intentional about stretching and slowing downnnnnn. I love how inversions—even just legs up the wall—energize me and give me an instant glow.

I got to spend an afternoon in a beautiful new space in Philly called Lokal Hotel. See the photo at the top of the dreamy kitchen. More pics coming soon, but I'll give you a hint: a claw-footed bath tub was involved.

Here we come, April!


Top photo by: Katie Hennessey  |  @iamkatiehennessey