what i’m loving in makeup right now

My everyday makeup routine is pretty minimal: light, tinted sunscreen, undereye concealer, cream blush, and a sweep of powder blush. I curl my stick-straight lashes, and I’m out the door. But I love upping the pretty factor with a few enhancements for events and date nights. Lately, I’ve been using these beauty finds, and I’m liking how they add just a bit more oomph to a natural look.


RMS Volumizing Mascara

Being the daughter of an ophthalmologist, I’m a bit paranoid about what I put around my eyes. I can just hear my Mom lecturing me for blocking my meibomian glands and putting myself at risk for all sorts of infections and dry eye disease. However, I LOVE how mascara can transform your look from meh to whoaaaa. As a compromise, I don’t wear it everyday and I seek out brands that are more naturally derived and free of synthetics. While I liked 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara, I ran out and decided to try RMS because I like their other beauty products. It defines my lashes, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and comes off easily so I’m not yanking out my pressure hairs with it when I go to remove it. I do wish natural mascaras were a bit more impactful and didn’t flake quite so much (it’s minimal, but I notice it after a few hours), but this is my go-to for now. I’m still on the search for that va-va-voom natural mascara, so if you find it, let me know!


W3LL People Realist Invisible Setting Powder

Have I told you that I have a shine problem? I stash oil-blotting sheets in every bag I carry, and I’m always dabbing my forehead with paper towels in the bathroom. It’s the worst feeling when I’ve actually done my makeup for an event and the only thing I see in the mirror is a greasy forehead. Lately, however, I’ve been using this fantastic powder as a way to degrease, and I LOVE it. It goes on a bit more opaque, but blending and brushing make it more translucent. It feels super-light on, and its effects last several hours. I put it on after I put on most of my makeup if I’m going out, and then reapply blush as needed. W3LL People is a USA brand that’s chemical and cruelty-free and avoids using controversial ingredients in their products.


lük beautifood Pink Juniper Lip Nourish

I’ve been finding myself looking for excuses to put this on. It just feels SO GOOD. This Australian-based brand uses plant-based ingredients without synthetic or carcinogenic additives to create their magic formulas like avocado oil, sesame oil, and beeswax to create luxurious lip tints. I’ve been using mine like chapstick because it’s that soothing, but I also love the subtle boost of color and healthy sheen it gives. I’m eyeing their Tangerine Pomegranate one next for a more intense color.


Wander Beauty Wanderout Dual Lipstick in Nikki Beach / B.B.

Neutrals, rosy pinks, and mauves are usually my colors, so I don’t know what kind of mood I was in when I purchased this vibrant duo from Wander Beauty. It also isn’t the cleanest of beauty brands, so this really was an impulse buy. That being said, I’ve quite taken to it for a fun, dramatic lip. Bright berry pink on one end and a slightly more muted hue on the other, this duo is fun for playing with your look and layering. I’ve been applying a coat of the more neutral tone, followed by a thin coat of the berry hue, and blotting to blend. My initial reaction when I looked in the mirror was to wipe it all off, but it kind of grew on me. Plus, my husband didn’t hate it. I’ve been sticking to the lük lip nourish for a hint of color as I feel more comfortable with their ingredient list, but this one glams up the look when I want it. You can see both colors in action on me here.

Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eye Liner in Truffle

I’m not a cat eye person, although I love how it looks on other people. I’m just not that skilled enough with eyeliner. That’s why I love this pencil. It’s super soft (i.e. doesn’t tug my delicate eyelid skin), forgiving, and defines the eyes without being too dramatic. For date night, I often just line the top lash line and blend it in, but I may get fancy and lightly sweep across a portion of the bottom lash line and blend. The result? A super soft smoky eye with little effort. This truffle color is brown with just a hint of mauve and shimmer that’s versatile for day and buildable for night. I appreciate how Vapour is an environmentally conscious brand with no animal testing, phthalates, parabens, or other toxic chemicals.



Photos by: Katie Hennessey  |  @iamkatiehennessey
Styling by: Adelyn Duchala  | @aaduchala