As a teenager with acne, I went through a range of skin regimens, hoping to land on the holy grail. Looking back, I never questioned what was in the products I was using, slathering them on only based on their promises for perfect skin. As I paid more attention to the foods I was eating, the ingredients going into my body, I’ve become more interested in and concerned about the ingredients going on my body.


Natural, Organic & Minimal Vs. Traditional Medicine

While I try to stay as true to nature as possible with organic, plant-derived ingredients, I appreciate how far we’ve come with science in developing formulas and products that are bio-compatible and can deliver results to those who need more intensive therapies. Having endured acne scars and more recently melasma (darkened skin due to overactive melanocytes and hormonal fluctuations), those more intensive and targeted therapies can be a godsend when lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough.


Growing up in a family of physicians, I believe that traditional medicine can offer safe and effective treatment modalities, especially when combined with lifestyle and diet modifications. Rather than rush into these therapies blindly, however, we ought to be responsible consumers, decipher the science, understand the mechanisms, and acknowledge the risks. Luckily, there’s plenty of information out there and sites like this that aim to make sense of it all.


On this site, you’ll see a range of products, although I try to keep my personal skin care and makeup regimen as clean and intentional as possible. I love supporting green brands, especially when they deliver results, and when I find a chemical-free / eco-friendly / organic product that makes my skin happy, I get super excited and can’t wait to share. I’ll also discuss other more intensive and invasive treatments as I think there’s a place for them, too.


Dermatologists & Estheticians

I’m an advocate for having a dermatologist in your life for annual check-ups, mole screenings, and the treatment of more acute skin conditions and diseases. Similarly, a good esthetician is invaluable. They can provide customized advice and a more immediate, focused, and in-depth skin reboot. Over the years, I've received glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL treatments to reduce acne scarring and reset my skin after a stressful period, all with positive results. But I also love the results from more relaxing therapies like facials and body treatments, which can do wonders for the body's overall well-being. In fact, the number one reason I became an esthetician is because I believe in what they (we!) do.

While dermatologists and estheticians serve pivotal roles in your skin health, remember that the choices we make on a daily basis are the ones that deliver the most genuine and lasting glow.