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Beauty: the glow that results from living intentionally and intuitively in regards to one's lifestyle, diet, relationships, attitude and habits

Edit: short for editorial, the written word; to modify, improve, and refine based on ever-changing needs and goals

We're always changing, but one thing stays constant. We're most beautiful when we listen to what our body, mind and spirit needs right in this moment. To being flexible and adaptable, to editing out the bad and adding in the good.



That glow. I want it. You want it. We all want it. 

So how do you get it? 

Is it that laser treatment that all the magazines are talking about? What about that $350 magic serum the celebrities are using? Is it that rare salted clay mask you can only get in the Himalayas?

Or maybe it has something do with that green smoothie you’re drinking. Or thought about drinking but then went for the muffin instead.

We’re wired to think that beauty has more to do with the products we put on our skin than the things we put into our bodies and do with our bodies. 

But if we think about it, that’s pretty silly. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. If we believe that eating a diet high in fat, sugar, carbs, and void of micronutrients is bad for all of our other organs, how is it not bad for our skin?

Am I right?

Back to the green smoothie. What if I told you that vitamins A and K in spinach reduce dark circles and regenerate cells, monounsaturated fats and phytochemicals in avocado soften skin, and the zinc in chia seeds boosts collagen to make your skin as supple as a baby’s bottom? You’d maybe consider drinking that smoothie. Every. Single. Day.



If only drinking green things was THE secret to glowing skin. But it’s a teensy bit more complicated. Every aspect of our health—our diet and exercise habits, self-care practices, sleep hygiene, emotional well-being, and mindfulness—plays a role in our outer glow. As does understanding the ingredients in our skin care products and the mechanisms behind more intensive therapies and treatments. But when we’re busy with life, careers, and families, it’s challenging to make all of those pieces align. 

So we do the best we can.

Knowing that some days are better than others.

But there are things that make it more manageable. And fun. And deliciousBecause if it wasn’t fun or delicious, we’d all give up on the quest for the elusive glowy skin and feel-good vibes. For one, there are simple tricks, recipes, and how-to’s for integrating healthier decisions into your daily routine. There are also tried-and-true ingredients—in foods and products—that are proven to give results. And finally, we are our best resource. We can learn from each other, inspiring each other to be better versions of ourselves, if not our best selves.



This site is a resource, a place from which to learn and be inspired. It’s about making all of the confusing world of beauty and wellness more digestible and more relevant to us real folk—not those crazy, beautiful models gifted with genetically good skin and a squad that keeps them looking that amazing. 

We celebrate the connection between outer beauty and a healthy and happy mind, body, and spirit.

The site is broken down into three main categories, all of which play a role in the bigger picture.

In beauty in, we make delicious recipes with ingredients that nourish the skin from the inside out and discuss habits and routines that support your health and happiness.

In beauty out, we highlight products, tips, and techniques that protect, treat, and enhance the skin from the outside in.

In beauty beyond, we learn from inspiring women who share their insights into the connection between beauty and wellness. We go behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of their every day, to discover more about the woman behind the mirror and what makes them glow.


In Constant Flux

Given that seasons come and go, our hormones fluctuate, life circumstances change, and science and trends evolve, we’re always editing our approach to wellness and beauty. Discovering our best self is a journey, not a destination. 

One last note. Am I against all treatments or estheticians, or dermatologists? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I believe that we set the very best foundation for ourselves with holistic practices and all of those other factors can help fill in the gaps and give our skin a welcome boost. Remember, everyone’s on their own unique journey.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for the ride.

Let’s glow!