I'm Emily. And I'm thrilled you're here.

I'm a thirty-something girl who calls New York home. I'm an esthetician and wellness whiz (aka certified health coach) who loves helping people feel amazing...like the confident, empowered, I-can-do-anything kind of amazing.  Whether I'm in the treatment room or in the kitchen, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others so that they can live the life they dream of, all while rocking a seriously beautiful glow. 



  • Until I was 18, my "makeup" was tinted Clearasil and Lip Smacker's Dr. Pepper Lip Balm. 
  • I copied my older sister's short haircut after having longish hair for 25 years. Now people think we're twins. Then I dyed it platinum blonde because why not?
  • My trip to London consisted of eating as much Ottolenghi food as I could and pacing around Kensington hoping to catch a glimpse of Kate Middleton.
  • I worked as a culinary instructor, prep cook, and pastry chef in college.
  • I'm not over kale yet. Or avocado toast.



I used to rely only on harsh chemicals and dermatologists to heal my acne-ridden, lackluster skin. When an esthetician taught me how to respect my skin rather than fight it, and when I modified my diet (i.e. ate more plants and healthy fats) and lifestyle (i.e. slept more, made time for friends, invested in more quality skin products) to complement my office visits, my skin began to heal itself. I became more confident. I even began to feel like my skin had a little glow to it. Inspired by my own experience, I decided to change the conversation about conventional skincare; to inspire others to honor the connection between outer beauty and total wellness; and to teach them how to foster that connection to be their best glowy self.



I arrived at skincare via a winding road, and one that’s very personal. Growing up, my teen years were defined by what acne regimen I was on—Proactiv, Clearasil, Murad, Neutrogena, erythromycin, retinol, you name it—even birth control pills were in the arsenal. Between regimen changes, I visited the dermatologist and esthetician searching for more invasive solutions, from facials, extractions, peels, microdermabrasion treatments, etc. In addition to causing pain and itchiness, my acne often made me feel like that was the only thing people noticed about me, like I was the the awkward pock-marked girl in a sea of glowy young women. Even in college, oil-absorbing sheets and tinted Clearasil were my best friend.


During my 20s, frequent visits to the esthetician and countless miracle-promise products kept most of the acne at bay, but it was touch-and-go, and nothing seemed sustainable. A few years of grinding away in grad school—for a health profession no less—and my skin faced new woes; it was lackluster with irregular dry patches, premature wrinkles, and discoloration, despite wearing sunscreen everyday and getting occasional in-office treatments.


I took a leave from school to re-evaluate the path I was on and the type of health provider I was going to be, especially given my own health priorities were in question. I delved deep into the fields of holistic living as wellness had always been a hobby, but something I often sacrificed at the expense of my studies. GO FIGURE. I started yoga teacher training, enrolled in a holistic health program, and founded a healthy food blog. As I integrated the practices I was learning into my own life, I began to notice subtle shifts in my own body, spirit, and...skin.


For years, I’d struggled with various concoctions of what to put on my skin, but the real transformation happened when I modified what I put in my body and what I did with my body. I started eating a more (although not only) plant-based diet, thinking of food not just as fuel as I had for so many years as an athlete, but as medicine (you can read more about my food philosophy here). I gave into much needed sleep, rekindled relationships, and became more intentional about exercise. As I made these life shifts, I also examined what I was putting on my face and re-evaluated the role an esthetician or dermatologist played in my skin health; they had undoubtedly served important roles as I dealt with severe teenage acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, but I knew I needed to take more responsibility in my day-to-day routine if I wanted lasting change. I began to respect my skin more, treating it delicately and being patient rather than bombarding it with aggressive quickie treatments. 


I would love to say that my personal journey to glowing skin is over and that I’ve arrived. But the truth is that this is a process, a way of life, that adjusts to the ebbs and flows of life. Seasons come and go, hormones fluctuate, work and relationship circumstances change, and with those things, new skin challenges emerge. Through my own journey, however, I’ve learned the importance of setting a strong internal foundation for which our skin can thrive—a lifestyle rooted in whole foods and mindful living. Products and treatments can complement and enhance, but we must give them a chance. Even then, we must educate ourselves on those products and treatments, understanding ingredients and the technologies at play. (You can read more about my product / treatment philosophy here). As someone once told me, when a flower isn’t thriving, you don’t fix the flower, you fix the conditions in which it grows.


What started as a personal journey is now so much more. I’m beyond excited to share what I’ve learned on my own skin journey, be a resource that educates and empowers others, and be a provider that helps so many discover their most confident, glowy self.


Let’s glow.